Anti-spatter safety glasses BO-01

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Anti-spatter safety glasses BO-01

Manufacturer: W24h

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Anti-spatter safety glasses in optical class 1. The wide connection of the lenses and arms ensures tight protection at the highest level.

Standards and protective functions:

EN 166: 2001
Temporal marking: CE SGI EN 166 FT
Lens Markings: CE 2C-1,2 SGI 1 FT

Key to symbols:
CE - CE logo
2C-1,2 - Filter scale
SGI - Manufacturer's designation
N - anti-fogging protection
K - Low-energy impact protection of particles moving at high speed
1 - Optical class
FT - Low energy particle impacts at extreme temperatures (45 m / s)

Product details:

- strong and ultra-light polycarbonate glasses prevent small elements with a speed of up to 45 m / s
- block 99.9% of the harmful effects of rays
- have an ANTI-FOG coating that prevents the glasses from fogging
- all made of antiallergic polycarbonate
- the total weight of the glasses is just

- assembly work
- construction and renovation works
- agricultural industry
- automotive and machine industry
- logistics




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